offers discrete and Fast shipping to USA, Australia, UK and EU without contacting the courier, to your doorstep or P O Box. No matter what country you are from we make sure that the delivery is timely and guaranteed.

We value the ease of packages while making sure that the delivery is quick and accurate. We do reship the package/ order without having anything charged to the customers, if it does not make it to the destination for whatsoever reason however; we believe that the package that was accurately sent the first time will always make it sooner to the destination than the one resent.

Packages/ Orders are reshipped (sent again) in an event where the packages are not made to their respective destination 15 days (2 weeks) after the estimated time of arrival however, the packages won’t be reshipped through an automatic process, please contact us, in that case.

It is imperative on your part to provide the proper information for instance, the correct Postal Code/ Zip Code and the accurate apartment number (if there is any) since we have noticed that most of the times the addresses are missing these sort of details, in an event where the package took longer than expected to deliver or lost/undelivered.

How Does the Shipping Work with

Discrete and Fast Shipping to US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and entire Europe (For all the 1500+ products that we carry)

Here is how the orders are situated and shipped:

Order Placement:

Once you are done placing the order, we contact you within 48 hours and then the payment is processed. We make sure that all the details you have entered during the checkout are correct. Once the payment is taken care of, we immediately begin preparing your order and then its sent to the shipping department ASAP!

Order Processing:

Soon as the order is sent to the shipping department, its shipped within a span of a few hours or the next business day however, for an unforeseeable reason, it rarely happens that the order gets shipped within the next 72 hours.

Shipping Service: offers express/ fast shipping to USA, Australia and across Europe. There are various shipping services/ channels/ routes that we use to send a certain order your way, which entirely depends on the location you order from. Typically, for EU based customers, we ship one of our EU locations. There are also other options, for instance EMS (Express Mailing Service) which we find really reliable and quick. Registered Mail is also a low price option that we may use however; it does not provide periodic updates while the package is in transit.

Delivery Time (ETA):

The delivery through EMS (Express Mailing Service) usually takes 12 to 18 days, once shipped to US, UK, Australia however; there are other factors such as customs at local ports, cargo flights etc which may sometimes extend the delivery times however, using EMS does enable us to figure out the exact status of the package since it does provide the periodic updates while the order is approaching its final destination.

Order Tracking Information:

Once we ship your order, you get the email with the tracking number for the order  which usually take 48 hours. It takes a few days for the tracking number to go live before you are able to track it. Once, its available in the tracking system, you would be able to track it through any of the online tracking systems. We always send the details of the tracking urls along with the tracking numbers.

Countries We DO NOT Ship to:

Although we ship to almost every country however, there are handful numbers of countries where we do not ship to mainly due to the import regulation to their end.

  • Algeria;
  • Armenia;
  • China;
  • Indonesia;
  • Israel;
  • Japan;
  • Jordan;
  • Pakistan;
  • Russia;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • South Africa;
  • Taiwan;
  • The United Arab Emirates

    Frequently Asked Question regarding Shipping and Delivery:

    When do I receive my order, once shipped?

    Well, it entirely depends on the country you order from. We ship products (Modafinil and other meds such as Sildenafil Citrate) from India as well as from Singapore. Both services use Express Mailing Service (EMS). For the US, UK, Australia and Europe, it takes 7 to 12 working days for you to receive your order and around 15 to 30 days for the other countries however when it comes to tracking your order it takes a few days for the tracking number to go live into the system. It is mainly because the tracking number becomes track able most of the times once the package makes it to the destination country.

    Is there any money-back guarantee just in case we don’t receive our goods?

    We prioritize a great shopping experience for our customers throughout and we are glad to say that most of the time, it is however, in case if the order does not make it to your doorstep, we cover it up for you and reship it.

    We do provide 100% Money Back Guarantee and Satisfaction Guarantee if,

    -The order does not make it to you within the 30 days, once shipped and you do not want us to reship it.

    -You did not get the desired results with the product that you ordered.

     How do I change my shipping address after its shipped:

    Although it is impossible to change the address of shipping while the order is in transit, however, you can always get in touch with us and we will try our best to resolve it for you.

    What do I do IF I entered incorrect details at the checkout? 

    You can always get in touch with us and we will try our best to resolve it for you.

    Would You Ship All my Items at once/ in one package?

    We split big orders or you can say orders over a specific quantity. For instance, if you decide to order 600 counts (tablets) of a particular product then we automatically split the order into two. We Ship the first half right away. The rest of the order follows after a few days interval. Similarly in case of multiple products, we decide as per the quantity as to when to split the order and then send the number of packages your way.

    For more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us

    Useful Links Regarding Tracking Orders:

    USPS Tracking (For customers ordering from United States)

    Australia Post Tracking (For customers ordering from Australia)

    Royal Mail Track and Trace (For customers order from UK)

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