Cernos (Testosterone Gel): Uses, Benefits, Side Effects (A Complete Guide)

According to the latest survey it has been found that between the ratios of
20% to 50% group of men are suffering from low free testosterone levels.
While other researchers, however, have failed to verify these results. It
should be repeated that while ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and hypogonadism
is the main cause of aging in male, there is no relation between these two
So in order to deal with this problem, there are some medicines and therapy
which your consultant can suggest you. One of the common medicine is
Cernos Gel.


Cernos Gel is basically a medicine which is used in the treatment of male hypogonadism and causes due to low testosterone levels. It is only prescribed to men with well-known medical conditions. It helps in returning the level of testosterone in the male body. Cernos Gel contains Testosterone, which benefits in filling the short testosterone levels in adult men. testosterone gel benefits Thus, Cernos Gel helps in treating hypogonadism. Cernos supports in refilling the deficient testosterone levels in adult men. Cernos Gel may also be used in women to treat certain types of breast cancer, which has spread to other body parts.


Usually we should take Cernos Gel for as long as your doctors has
prescribed it for you, depending on your medical conditions. You can take
Cernos Gel with or without food.


Cernos Gel is pretty easy to use, however they are some requirements too.
Do not self-administer: You have to Apply Cernos Gel to clean, dry, and
intact skin of upper arms, shoulders, and on your stomach. When the gel is
dried, cover the application place with clothing. Wash your hands
straightaway with soap and water after using Cernos Gel. Do not apply
Cernos Gel to any other parts of body such as your chest, back, or genitals.
Make sure to wash the application place with soap and water earlier to any
situation where skin-to-skin contact of the application place with other person
is foreseen.


It should be applied only once in a day, if possible in the morning. Apply it as
a thin layer onto a clean, dry, healthy, unbroken skin over the shoulders or
upper arms. Cover the application area after it’s dry, otherwise it can scour off
on people. Do not apply the gel to the genitals as this may cause irritation.


It belongs to a group of medicines which is called androgens is specified for
the replacement of therapy in males for conditions associated with absence of
endogenous testosterone such as attained or natural primary hypogonadism
and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism{9}.
Cernos Gel helps in replacing the
short testosterone levels in adult men. Thereby, Cernos Gel also helps in
treating hypogonadism. Cernos Gel may also be used in women to treat
certain types of breast cancer, which has spread to other body parts.


Cernos Gel works in building of muscles and the development of bones. This
treatment however, has few side effects so it is advisable to always take the
injection under a doctor’s prescriptions only. You should continue taking
Cernos Gel as long as it is prescribed even after you feel better.


Most of the time the Testosterone gel happens to dry during the first 4 hours.
Improving testosterone absorption is very important in order to get the best
experience and to avoid habits that decrease absorption.

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This medicated gel contains testosterone. It is used for hormone replacement
in men who are not able to produce plenty of testosterone (for example,
because of hypogonadism). This medication is absorbed through the skin,
enters your bloodstream, and helps your body reach normal testosterone


Cernos Gel also come in injections which can help improve the level of
testosterone in your body. This helps in keeping a better sex life, other than
this, it also advances your overall physical appearance, further more it gives
good mood and increases your overall confidence. Cernos Gel at last also
helps in building – up your muscles and development of bones too.


Well, it depends on the user’s age, earlier testosterone levels and natural
genetics. It may be resulted in increase in your beard growth. But it is not
likely to be very beneficial if you are already well past youth and is only
using to increase beard growth. This would be a nice question for the doctor
who is treating you for hormonal imbalance. It should also be noted that
without a proven low testosterone diagnosis, the gel obviously will not give
you a stronger beard.


It replaces the therapy, specifically the gel or cream, it also has various
potential benefits for women which includes weight loss, increases energy
levels, builds lean muscle mass, and helps a lot with mood.
And so, Cernos Gel also helps in treating hypogonadism. 

Cernos Gel may
also be used in women to treat certain types of breast cancer (like I mentioned that earlier too), which has spread to other body parts too.


Cernos is an androgen and anabolic steroid, Cernos Gel contains a synthetic
form of testosterone (a male sex hormone). It is usually used in the treatment
of male hypogonadism (a condition in which the body does not produce
enough testosterone).


Androgel and Cernos Gel both can help increase testosterone levels in men.
Both of the medications have the same lively ingredients. Even though both
of the drugs are made in the form of a gel, Cernos Gel and Androgel can be
rubbed in to the shoulders, the upper arm, or the abdomen. The only
difference between them is that Cernos Gel is a generic medication
manufactured by “Sun Pharma.

About Cernos Gel:

Cernos Gel is released in the form of a gel and comes in a packet which
allows you to get 30 mg of the drug, and is equal to a daily dose. You should
apply 30 mg of the medication to each of your shoulders. The medicine is
quickly absorbed into your system because of how easily it is absorbed and
how thin the skin is in the armpit area.
It is crucial to rub the Cernos Gel into the skin with the specific cap that
comes with it rather than your hands while applying it. You run the risk of
ingesting more of the solution if you touch it excessively. It’s also possible
that you spread part of the medicine to individuals nearby. Wash the cup and
your hands well after each use to prevent this. In order to get the best effect,
it is advisable to use the drug at the same time every day.


Androgel is a medication used to treat a variety of male illnesses brought on
by low testosterone levels. If you have breast cancer or prostate cancer, you
must refrain from using the drug.

Androgel should not be used by women as it may result in birth problems in
the offspring.
The skin absorbs Androgel, which then enters the bloodstream. To make sure
you are not spreading the gel to others, you should always wash your hands
thoroughly after using it. Contact your doctor right away if you or those close
to you start to experience adverse effects like increased libido, aggressive
behaviour, baldness, faster hair growth, acne, or other conditions.
Andro Gel is a gel that contains 1% of the testosterone and is meant to be
applied topically as a part of a testosterone replacement treatment. For people
with low testosterone levels, it is one of the most frequently recommended
drugs in today’s world.


Skin responses at the application site, such as a burning or prickling feeling,
dryness, rash, redness, or itching, are the most frequent adverse effects of
using Cernos Gel. However Increase in body hair development, larger
breasts, swollen hands and feet, and a rise in blood pressure are some of the
other frequent adverse effects of the Cernos gel. Some side effects of
CERNOS GEL may be;
o Headache
o Anxiety
o Male pattern baldness
o Increased facial or body hair growth
o Increased/decreased interest in sex


(1) Main cause of aging in male are ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and
(2) Common medicine to help in the treatment of male hypogonadism caused
due to low testosterone levels. Testosterone means a steroid hormone
generated mostly in the testes, but also in the ovaries and adrenal cortex,
which promotes the development of male secondary sexual characteristics.
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(11)Steroid: The male-type sex hormones known as androgens, which are
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(12)Sun Pharma: (Sun Pharma) is the fourth-largest specialty generic
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(13)Side – effects of Cernos gel (Apollo pharmacy) including:
o Headache.
o Anxiety.
o Male pattern baldness.
o Increased facial or body hair growth.
o Increased/decreased interest in sex.


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